See how these new applications &
a host of others can be used at your club



Allow starters to see player information on demand at the first tee BIG RESULT: Starters have the ability to open your club’s app on a tablet and view the tee sheet, allowing them to see reservation details, greet player by name and get groups off on time.

Give members 24/7 access to online reservationsBIG RESULT: After members finish their round of tennis, golf, or any other sport, they can quickly open your club’s app and make another reservation, book a lesson, register for an event and more.

Allow providers to manage their own schedules from home or on the goBIG RESULT: Club service providers can easily review and modify schedules on their mobile device; this allows them to manage their time and appointments more effectively, and book members on the fly.

Provide members with tee times and club info at a glanceBIG RESULT: Catch member’s attention in the moment. A quick glance at any connected TV or Monitor in the club and members can see a rolling list of upcoming tee times and club information.

Food & Beverage


Give your servers the opportunity to impress BIG RESULT: The Point of Sale setup makes it really easy for staff to impress members. The main screen displays member’s favorite dishes, preferred drinks and more - all at a touch of a button.

Give servers the ability to offer better, more attentive service BIG RESULT: Servers can now input orders on a tablet so they don’t have to keep running back to the main POS terminal. This allows them to spend more time taking care of members.

Alert club staff about important member informationBIG RESULT: Allergies and dietary concerns are serious business. Special alerts for allergies or other important information can be displayed in a Point of Sale popup and printed directly on the kitchen prep ticket.

Track personal member inventory BIG RESULT: Many members like to keep a personal supply of their favorite wine stocked at the club. The checklist feature allows servers to access and update member’s personal inventories.

Back Office

Increase member loyalty and brand awareness BIG RESULT: Make sure even low volume areas of your club stay busy year round. By setting up a loyalty program and making points redeemable only in specific areas, you’ll ensure your club stays busy year round.

Gather actionable member feedback BIG RESULT: MemberInsight allows you to send out automated surveys based on member behavior. These instant, one question surveys enable you to evaluate member satisfaction in different business areas and elevate service throughout your club.

Streamline payables and add an additional revenue stream. BIG RESULT: Global VCard allows clubs to pay vendors securely via the web, eliminating paper checks and manual processing. Your club can also receive up to a 1% rebate on all payables.

Easily store and manage documents electronically BIG RESULT: Your club can now scan and store all documents electronically; this allows you to cut storage costs and easily find important information.

Member Interactions


Make sure members always have access to information and reservations. BIG RESULT: Touchscreen Kiosks provide an easy way for members to schedule tee times, reserve a court, or register for an event instead of having to use their phone while at the club.

Allows members to contribute to their club’s well-being.BIG RESULT: Something wrong at the club? Using the Club311 feature in the mobile app, members can snap a quick photo of a broken window or burnt out light and send it immediately to the club.

Secure member access to the club without even the push of a button BIG RESULT: Facial recognition makes it easier and more secure for members to identify themselves and gain access to areas of the club where their membership allows.

Just tap the appBIG RESULT: Now available for your club’s Mobile App are Mobile Member Cards. Members simply tap the app and scan their digital member card at any club scanner for access. Members get a streamlined experience and management can accurately track who has visited the club.

Send targeted messages directly to a member’s phone BIG RESULT: Have a special dining event coming up? Or maybe a frost delay on the course? Keep members in the loop with targeted push notifications direct to their mobile devices.

Help members keep track of all their upcoming bookings and reservationsBIG RESULT: Do your members keep busy schedules? Staff members can easily print off a member’s multi-day itinerary, including bookings, dining reservations and appointments.